We see many childcare property sites come to the market with a planning permit from council as a "permitted site, ready to build". Unfortunately councils do not look at the proposed developments in the eyes of the Education Department rather only the planning aspects, therefore without experience many of these sites simply would not ever achieve a childcare license, or in a best case scenario only a license for a reduced number of places which results in an inefficient (and expensive to build, and operate) centre.

Through years of experience, we understand the correct ratios of staff, the required amount of indoor and outdoor spaces and car parking arrangements required to meet the education departments specifications. The intricacies of what is deemed as indoor and outdoor space by the department and all of the regulations that fall in between what satisfies the Building Code (BCA) and the Education Departments licensing requirements. 

If you have a property that you would like to develop into a childcare centre but don't know where to start or would like us to manage the development from start to finish, or simply need guidance to produce a property to sell with a useable and licensable permit in place, please reach out via out "contact" tab.